Reiju cosmetics


The kind of chemical used in straight needs not be harmful to hair and
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Skin Care

At the various levels of age thought whole life, it is essential for everyone to
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Nail Care

In teaching this, it is necessary to know problems and diseases that
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It can be said that it is the most useful because
we can go on cutting

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Fashion design cannot stand by itself; it must keep abreast of the latest information and techniques with the time. For this purpose, news about fashion shows, fresh international techniques via magazines, journals, TV., motion pictures, satellite news, internet [website], etc. are arranged for the attendants.



To be able to cut hair of women, men and children as desired, how to handle
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Comb Do

In this part, how to use clip and tie elastic string are basis. To improve our
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Hair Colors

In other words, in hair dye different and colorful dyes are used to change
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In this case, it is necessary firstly to know the direction of hair which grows on cells.
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Make Up

In teaching make-up, the course will train Facial Cleans, Foundation, Counseling
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